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Budget-friendly tips to boost home value

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Whether you’re looking to sell your house soon or you simply want to keep it in tip-top shape, you can spruce up your living space and ultimately increase its home value without having to break the bank. 

Here are some great budget-friendly tips on how to increase home value that you can do for your next home improvement projects.

Do some deep cleaning

A pristine home is always attractive to any potential home buyer. The simplest way to achieve this level of cleanliness and sanitation is by doing some serious deep cleaning.

A deep clean is obviously not your regular kind of surface scrubbing and sweeping thing. It involves thorough cleaning using a variety of cleaning aids and chemicals to rid the home not just of dust and grease but also of mold and harmful microbes. 

You can start by making a full sweep of the house, including areas that have gone untouched for years and surfaces that are rarely cleaned. Include windows and hard-to-reach fixtures like ceiling fans and lights.

Power-wash the exterior, sidewalk, and driveway to remove accumulated dirt. Take away debris and clutter from your outdoor space. Doing these makes the property look fresh and gives a good first impression when it’s time to sell.

Put on a fresh coat of paint

This task does a lot to give your home an updated and fresh look that spells value. A good number of Realtors agree: a 2021 report of the National Association of Realtors reveals that 63% of them highly recommend home sellers to paint their walls to gain buyer attention. 

Even one’s choice of paint colors in particular areas of the house can make a huge impact in getting more offers from interested buyers, according to research by Zillow. Neutral colors are popular choices for interiors as they make any room appear more spacious and welcoming. They are also the ideal color choice for sellers like you who want to help potential buyers in creating a clear image of them living in the space.  

Do some proper landscaping of outdoor spaces

This project isn’t simply about putting some greenery in any random section of the space. You need to come up with a plan that involves selecting the kinds of plants to add to the space and knowing where to place them for an organized feel. Know that an attractive, landscaped lawn can bring home value up by as much as 20%.

Shorter shrubs and flowering plants provide the visual spectacle; trees add shade and a nice vertical perspective to your yard. Include some structural features to the landscape that are proven to improve property value such as lighting, garden paths, ponds, fire pits, and fireplaces. It also pays to install an irrigation system to your garden or lawn steps.

Extend your living spaces outdoors

You can make some DIY alterations to your outdoor spaces and turn them into extensions of your living room or even your kitchen. Not only do these provide an almost seamless connection with your indoor living spaces but they also add more value to a home. Patios, in particular, can fetch an ROI of over 80%

It doesn’t cost a fortune to spruce up a patio. Place a grill on one side, wooden dining set on another, comfy cushions to sit on, an outdoor rug for some texture, and outdoor string lights on the trees and shrubbery to set the mood and you’re all set. 

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