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Budget-friendly tips to boost home value

Whether you’re looking to sell your house soon or you simply want to keep it in tip-top shape, you can spruce up your living space and ultimately increase its home value without having to break the bank. 

Here are some great budget-friend...

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The basics of determining home value

If you’re planning on putting your home on the market, one of the first questions that have likely popped into your mind is how much you can sell it for.

When you’re trying to calculate property value, it’s important to keep in min...

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Top home security ideas to protect your home

Your home should be as welcoming and comfortable as it can be for you and your family. But it also needs to be secure and safe. How do you do this? Here are some tips.

Get strong doors

Data from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report shows th...

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Finding the right insurance policy for your home

Home insurance is your safety net that protects you when life doesn’t work out how you hope. It can provide funds for house repairs due to flood, hurricanes, earthquakes and other forces of nature. It’s required when you apply for a mortgag...

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Must-have qualities your Realtor should possess

The real estate market has its share of agents who promise the best house or the best price for your property at the fastest possible time. But while these claims are attractive, the wise home buyer or seller can look for some tell tale signs t...

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New interior design ideas to try out in your home

Before putting your home up for sale on the Atlanta, GA real estate market, why not update its interiors to give your home a competitive edge?

Just like every other city, homes for sale in Atlanta, GA are more likely to attract buyers if the...

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